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ahhhh, Kat. Been there, done that if you remember. The first time I jabbed myself with a needle, the area on my thigh got SO swollen and puffy I was sure I'd totally screwed up; I even went to Winter Park Memorial Hospital (which was an experience all of it's own!) to be sure I hadn't killed myself with my allergy shot. It does get easier once you resign yourself to being a pin cushion for a bit. I was told a pretty good trick - get yourself and orange and jab it repeatedly. For whatever reason, the peel of an orange is much like our skin. Tell Angel he has to give your injection site an "all better!" kiss after. :) love ya lots kiddo!!


That is soooooo funny. I am the SAME way, though mine are subcutaneous and I still feel like I'm losing every time I give myself one. I take a breath and then poke but it always seems that my skin is leather! "bouncing back"....totally. This made me laugh but also encouraged me that I'm not alone.....now to find a nurse friend :)


Oh kathy
I am so sorry! I did not have trouble with it since I had to give our youngest daughter shots every day for years so I was used to it. Bouncing back? Yikes. That sounds painful! My hubby gives himself these shots by pulling up some skin in the hip/buttock area. I sure hope it gets easier, and YES it is OKAY to ask for help. Yahoo for nurse friends to the rescue!!!


Dear Kathy: I have been learning this lesson a lot recently. Friends really do want to help. Love you. Remember to call on us.

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