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You know Kathy, I have been feeling that about this past week which came to a fireworks ending with the words "benign". My yearly mammogram turned into another and then a berast biopsy and then 36 hrs of waiting for the results. I felt my faith being stretched, my fears being chipped away and my trust in God growing during the whole process. I, too, feel thankful,....not for the circumstance itself but for what it taught me about love, joy, trust, and courage. So boy do I relate to your post today.

Jenny Rush

Beautiful. If we choose to we can see the gift in every challenge. Lyme, a sacred illness...now there's a new way of framing it. :) Love your postings.

Michelle Holderman

I love this, Kathy. Perfect quote. xoxox


It has taken me a lifetime to get that. And sometimes I still don't. Kathy: You are truly wise.


DAMN that quote is G-R-E-A-T.
I repeated you...


I have talked to many people who have doubters out there lately. You are certainly not alone. It is painful. And means that you have to rely on those friends who DO believe and want to understand.

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