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Ahaha! That kind of stuff happens around here all.the.time. No "bugs" in my brain, just a lot going on all.the.time.

Hope you are catching some zzzz's tonight, friend. Hugs!

Alter Everything

Knew Mommies would have something to say about that one. LOL. Hope you're doing well, Robyn. AND that your toothbrush stays out of the toilet.


LOL! At least you didn't leave your keys in the front door all night for any old passerby to come on in! :)


Making us smile!!!
This reminds me of Candace's post today that talks about what Lymies say...!!!!! And it reminds me of when I was going to make cookies and could not find the butter i took out of the fridge...an hour later I found it...in the pouch type pocket of my shirt! I was just softening it, right? Sigh...some days it is tough to be a Lymie:)


I could tell you story after story about things that I've lost, or misplaced, only to find them in the strangest places later. I often find myself walking into a room and have no clue why I'm there.

One time I was driving to pick up my wife from work. Somehow I ended up in a part of town that was no where near where she worked. I have no clue how I got there.

Sometimes I will go looking for something for several minutes only to find out it's right there in my hand.

Oh, talking about keys. Not long ago I spent hours looking for my keys and finally found them—in the garbage can. Three days ago I put my coffee cup (or so I thought) under the Keurig coffee machine. I pushed the brew button and walked over to the stove to finish cooking my egg. Guess what I had in my hand to use for a spatula? My coffee cup. I don't need to tell you where my coffee ended up do I? Clue...mop.

Isn't it fun having lyme brain? Gotta learn to laugh at moments like this—EVERYDAY ; )

Alter Everything

LOL Melissa and Renee. Reness, Just read Candace. Totally funny.

Gary, I relate to every single thing you said. Pouring vinegar into a pan instead of olive oil. Forgetting why I am at cabinets I just walked to. Overflowing sinks. Driving and ending up at the wrong place. Pouring drinks into bowls. Calling spoons tomatoes or batteries or some other random weird word. I've done all of it.

Often, I just stop and talk to myself..."what am I doing?" Not sure how much it helps, but it seems to get me focused.

I've read different theories about this...ammonia in the brain, lack of fat absorption, toxins... Clearly, the problem exists in healthy people too...just not to this degree. Would love to know the secret to fixing this. UNDAs seemed to really help me, but I am off them now due to other problems. MAN am I feeling it.

Anyway, you gotta smile...

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