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Love you Kathy! Merry Christmas!

Jenny Rush

Thinking of you this holiday and every day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your journey, your hopes. You write for so many.
My wish for you: may you find peace just where you are and just as it is. May you discover the wellness inside your unwellness, a comforting home inside your heart, the multitude of gifts hidden inside your challenges, and may you see the reflection of your beauty in all that surrounds you.
Have a beautiful day! xoxo

Rhonda Nielsen

Kathy, knowing that the desires of your heart will be yours! The words that you write and your selfless ways lighten the hearts of those fortunate enough to know you- My wish is that this lightness be returned to you tenfold. love you.

Lisa Hix

When I was searching for a dx, my very supportive GP was unable to give me one. But, he kept telling me, " You have to keep searching. You have to keep fighting. You can't give up until you figure out why you are sick.". When I am tired of all this I keep reminding myself of what he said. Though we have never met in person, you hold a special place in my heart. On the days when your posts have shown that you have been struggling I have said a small prayer for you. "God, please help Kathy keep fighting. She has to, until she gets this figured out." Lyme has given me many gifts. New friends. And the ability to appreciate them.


love you.
It's a beautiful picture of you and Angel.
I hope you had cheer this Christmas.

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