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Marcella Cardinal

I'm glad you know not to listen to Doctors. I feel like you're a leader for people that are told "it's nothing" and that what they have doesn't exist. More people should do their due diligence and listen to their bodies. For whatever it's worth (and I can't imagine it's much given what you're going through)- I'm proud of you.

Michelle Holderman

I read this shaking my head the whole time. Yes, much of the medical community is extremely arrogant. If it wasn't in there books in medical school; it doesn't exist. If the pharmaceutical companies don't make a drug for it; it doesn't exist. Oh gesh, don't get me started.

I'm sorry you've had to go through that, Kathy. I'm sorry we all have. I'm sorry the politics are the way they are in medicine. They are so dismissive of what they do not know. Let me remind you, and I say this in all sincerity, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! They're refusal to step out of their safe, comfortable, know-it-all boxes is what's utterly crazy.

You, my friend, are beautiful, brave, intelligent, compassionate, capable, articulate and smarter than most doctors. Whatever this year brings, whatever choices you make, know you make a difference in the biggest way. How? By the way you love people.


What Michelle said :)
Been a while since I've checked in on you.
Thank you for still writing.
Don't know what I'd do if I came to this page and there wasn't any of you on it.
My friend Lilya (you remember Lilya) has been doing treatments on me...
Pranic healing. Ever looked it up?
Seems vague and beyond woo...
But I haven't had a seizure in weeks and she's the only thing that's different.
Anyway, I love you and I'll keep you posted.
Perhaps energy work is where it's at for all of the weird stuff nothing else is curing.
Discoloration of the colon can also happen as a result of just about any change in bowel movements. Reasons for it are vague but at least there's a range. It certainly isn't enough to accusing you of laxative abuse.
Stupid doctors man.

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