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Let me apologize in advance ( for laughing ), but YOU CRACK ME UP! Hubby was asking me what I'm laughing at....LOL.

It's so ridiculous you HAVE to laugh or you will cry...but man-o-man! Tese are da doctors we go to for help, and dis is what we get? Sometimes I feel like we landed in the Twilight Zone or are on Candid Camera and dis really isn't happening. Just when you think it cannot possibly get more insane, it does.

I'm sowwy you had to endure that. Try the Betaine.


SERIOUSLY??!! I can't believe it. You have to laugh or you would cry. Good grief...what we won't try. I have been to some alternative places, but you have me beat...probably all of us beat! Ha! I think I better start venturing out of the box.


Wow. This person has a license to practice medicine? Really??

Adi Saavedra

I appreciated her honesty.

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