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Shudder......shudder again. Yikes. You are so brave with all this. Ineed a colonoscopy just because I have never had one and I have bloating and gas and I am avoiding it. Drinking stuff that will make me sick due to MCS and the whole out you go thing and the test...sigh....shudder!!
Sure hope things are all gone now and you are cleansed and healing!!

Marcella Cardinal

Oh my gosh! That would totally creep me out. I can't even imagine what that would look like. I wonder what's in my body. I suppose it's in part totally gross yet very satisfying knowing it's out of your body. Congrats?
(P.S. I'm so glad you're feeling better!)

Alter Everything

Love you, Marcella. ;) I am sure there are only sweet things in your body...don't worry. And, if you do have worms, they are probably very cute and nice. LOL.

Renee, Totally know what you mean about avoiding it. I did for a while too. You know what though? It was easy. AND, you don't have to drink the prep anymore, you can do it in pill form. Honestly, it was one of the easiest tests I've had done.

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