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oh my dear Kathy...................


I had to read this twice to get it all....the roller coaster of life with Lyme~ or is it just life!

Alter Everything

I actually think this falls into the life roller coaster category. LOL.


On geez! Is Angel OK? Thinking of you guys! Call if you need anything!


they say a picture is worth a thousand words! when i first started reading this post, i was very concerned! of course, i didn't realize that the captions were ABOVE the pictures and i was reading the captions below....which really worried me when i saw the first picture....i knew your diet had gone to the shi*(, but wow! :)

Alter Everything

LOL...Haven't eaten crap in a while...just a lot of stuff that tastes like it. Fortunately, the poo was Betsys...not mine. Count your blessings. ;) Love you. Mean it.

PS We're going to smear them next time...

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