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I like this Budda quote but I would add one more....and if we die...at least we will be in Heaven!

I love your post, Kathy. I am feeling much the same way today. I can see ALL the blessings and things I am grateful for today...there are so many...but I too still want to feel better, eat what I want, sleep well, wake up without pain, etc. etc.
I think we can be honest and transparent without complaining and that is my goal. You said it well today, Kathy, you said it well.

Debbie Semarge

So very well said.... I love you very much......


Thank you for speaking out.
Tears spilling over my cheeks :) I totally get where you're coming from.
Feels so much better when someone else says it.
There's plenty to be thankful for, and some things I wish were different.
I love you to the max.


Kathy: Being real is so much more important than being positive. Being sick isn't fun. It sucks. It is OK to say that.....

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