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Crossing my fingers with you and praying that this is the beginning of more good things to come. You're an amazing person (I know I've said it before, but it's true). I appreciate your complete openness and honesty in what you share on your blogs for the rest of us to read. It's inspiring, encouraging, and sometimes downright scary! ; )

I know it helps others to know that we aren't alone with all these creepy symptoms, pain, sensations, bugs, etc, etc. Thanks for being yourself and sharing with the rest of us. Praying that you are on the road to more good things to come.


Response to your pm to come soon. Been busy with family (my 3 grandbabies) from Florida for the holidays.

Michelle Holderman

I am so excited to hear this, Kathy! I hope and pray for continued improvements with the Unda's. I know ANY improvement is a welcome change; especially with your frozen shoulder and pain. I've been using Unda's off/on for a few years. And they are potent, girly! I've been on 2, 9, 15, 24 and 258. My doc loves all the Undas.

Can't wait to see what happens. You know I'm always following along with you. Love how you described muscle-testing btw. Great way to explain it. So super-heroish :)

Take care dear friend. Love you!!

Alter Everything

Michelle, You do UNDAs???? How exciting. I don't know anybody else who's uses them. How are you feeling these days? Any progress? I just love you and your messages of cheer. Hope today's a good one. XOXOX

Alter Everything

Oh Gary...I love you. So glad you are having fun with those grandbabies and enjoying yourself. Give a yell when you have the chance to catch up...no hurry. And, if you are in Florida, VISIT! Would love to see you and Rhonda. Love, love, love, love, and more love.

Thanks for always brightening my day. :)


No Whammies! No Whammies! Hope these Undas are the ticket to healing for you, my friend! XO


Kathy, my homeopathic practitioner has tried so many different things to get me to 'drain' and nothing is working. I do know of a Chinese medicine practitioner. Might be the next step.

Alter Everything

Michele, This might be worth a shot. Since starting, my energy is through the roof and my mind is totally clear...feel like my old self that can handle things. Unfortunately, still having shoulder/neck pain...which is why I started the things. LOL. But the unexpected perks have been awesome. Will be interesting to see if it lasts. Hugs to you as you heal.

Lynn Garcia

Kathy, I was just reading my symptoms of the coconut head symptoms happened to me last nite after rifing. Amazing that the symptoms were the same. I am interested in your treatment and glad to see you are still finding different routes for this awful illness. It sucks, it causes horrible symptoms, emotional ups and downs and the roller coaster does not seem to stop. Just when I feel like two steps forawrd three steps back. Just know I understand. I care and I get it. <3

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