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Don't you think the people who got the life they planned are totally bored? That's what I like to think, because my life is definitely not turing out the way I thought it would...in both awesome and frightening ways.

Thanks for keeping up with your blog, Kathy. So much of what you are writing about is just part of the human experience, whether it is Lyme Disease or some other "thing." I can relate on some level to most of what you're expressing!


Amazing post Kathy! So well said! Love you!


Beautiful post, Kathy! I love you and I miss you a whole bunch.


I am reminded again and again, Kat, how astounding you are. Each of these posts I read by you, remind me what a strong person you are; how you see the world- good, bad, and ugly- and how you appreciate all of it in your life.


What a powerful post Kathy,...and just what I needed to hear. I can get to a place of feeling sorry for myself and your perspective on life as it is...today...is so good for my poor me attitude right now. I watched that special too and found it so inspiring ~ along with your posts. Truly. Bless you and thanks for your comments on my blog. Will pray for you too.

Michelle Holderman

Totally agree with everyone. This is such a powerful, beautiful post! Your words impact our hearts.

I missed the Gabby Giffords special; dang it. But I've been truly amazed at her spirit; so strong and determined. A lot like you.

May we all be inspired and encouraged by those who fight through their messes and find something beautiful. Thanks for reminding me, Kathy. XOXOX

Alter Everything

Oh my little comment posting Angels. I just love you guys. If you missed the special, you can catch it via the link in this post. Totally worth the investment very inspiring. XOXOXOX


How powerful. Love you for posting that.

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