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What's going on with your shoulder? Mine hurt like a MTHFR for a few months, then froze up. The pain is now gone but I can move the dern thing.


I mean, I CAN'T move my arm. It's stuck.

Alter Everything

He thinks my shoulder might be causing my arm pain. I am not so sure as it hurts worse at night/when I'm laying down, but I'm willing to try anything.

To help, he injected Traumeel into three trigger points which were really, really sore upon palpitation.

To me, the arm pain feels a lot like a herx (just a really, really, really awful one). It's similar to how it used to feel on antivirals..heavy, achy, with prickly hands. Honestly, I just lay there and cry.

Muscle relaxers help, but I hate to take them (mainly cause 1) I hate drugs and 2) they cause other problems). Last night, I was slathering my arm with Traumeel, taking baths and muscle relaxers and 2 in the morning.

I was thinking of you and your frozen shoulder and wondering if they might be similar (although mine isn't stuck). Now my neck and jaw are hurting too. UGH. Wish I had an answer.


I did the Traumeel thing and muscle relaxers, too. Didn't work. The pain at night was the absolute worst. It lasted from about March to August ( the pain ) and now no pain...just frozen. From all I've learned, it's caused by trigger points and I've been using my backknobber thingy to work them out. I can get it half unstuck by night, but by morning it's stuck again.

You might have trigger points in your neck and jaw. Go to Amazon and get either the workbook for Trigger Point Therapy or The Frozen Shoulder workbook ( even though yours isn't stuck, it still teaches how to find and work out trigger points ). I think I read that the trigger points are full of toxins. Now there's a shocker.

Does your pain in your arm feel like a deep toothache-type pain?

Keep a close eye on your range of motion and don't let it get frozen from keeping it still to prevent pain. Having frozen shoulders is awful.


Sorry to bombard your blog tonight. But also look into that infrared light thing I showed you. It saved my sanity ( from pain ). I'd shine the light on it for about 5-10 minutes and then the pain would go away for about 7-10 hours. Long enough to sleep peacefully.

Alter Everything

You can bombard me any time (blog, facebook). I love hearing from you. Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, deep tooth ache pain is a good description. CRAP. Makes sense about the toxins. It definitely feels like it's deep in the bones, but wants to be dug out...if that makes any sense.

Will check out the book and the back thing and the light thing..I'm assuming you mean the gadget you showed me when I visited.

Love and miss you!


if you do go to india - let me know i will be your travel partner, even china can help us i bleieve all herbal but they get the disease out??? don't know how. had a bad day yesterday too, this week sucked. well i look on the bright side i am nearly 6 ft tall (5'1" clos enough)

Michelle Holderman

I hear you, Kathy. The middle of the rope. It's so....not acknowledged very often. The only thing I could say about being in the middle of the rope is to swing. Swing and scream and laugh and cry. Probably won't have any impact on Lyme but it sure could be fun and perhaps provide a little comic relief :p

Hoping your pain is better. Wow. That's interesting about your doc injecting Traumeel. Did it offer much relief? I agree about the infrared light. My doc let me use her's once and I couldn't believe how much it helped. So I ordered one.

Love you friend.


I'm working on catching up to your posts. So busy lately.
I miss reading up on you.
It seems intense now, your journey.
The ups and downs are coming quicker - or maybe you're just more aware and expressed about them.
Or maybe it looks that way to me!
Either way, I love you and I am still reading.

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