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My right arm is also bad????? went to orthopedic and he just looked at me like i had ten heads, x-ray good no reason for extreme pain, cry all night, He asked why i take ALL these meds and was concerned? he got me here, I just said "until an MD can get me better, that's how I got here" he unknowingly was one of the ones who misdaignosed when my knee was swollen and they didn't find anything after 3 mri's and drained fluid 2x = tested it-nope.so yes my right arm, i am right handed starts at elbow if i use it at all it swells up you can actually see swollen joint and pain screams to my nerves in my finger tips and then back up to my shoulder. So i now have to sleep on back or other side which still causes arm pain as it has to be flat??? at 41 I agree I shouldn't be crying myself to sleep I am not homeless etc. I can not use it, holding a coffee cup hurts. Hopefully its like my plantofacitious (extreme foot pain walking) and goes away after a couple months then the lyme buggars can travel elsewhere.

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