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I'm sorry that happened, but hope it truly brought you some closure. Love you friend. Can't wait to catch up. I'm going into withdrawls! :)

Trusty Sidekick

Thinking of you Tagudin,
Sad I was not able to give you a big hug goodbye.
Knowing you are on your journey back to vibrant health!
Wishing you strength, love, support, healing.
Proud of you for pulling deep on your courage and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be seen, to help others.

For inspiration:
This last site, I like how she talks about Sam Stosur- but I don't know what kind of treatments she is endorsing- as a disclaimer here.

Thank you for your honesty, trust, kindness.

Alter Everything

Ohhhh...Trusty Sidekick. How I miss you!!!! I was just lamenting about you today at the office. Were your ears burning?!?!?!

Now that I have your email, I'll be sure to send over the latest research/ramblings. Remember, when you're ready to open that office or need that marketing stuff, I'm here for you (seriously).

Thanks for the link. If you sent it, I know I'll love every minute. Love and miss you dearly. XXOXOXO.

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