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Michelle Holderman

Oh my dear sweet friend....

This is such a roller coaster ride. I just read your post about the UVBI therapy before this one and I'm thinking it has to be playing a role in how you're feeling. Do you have to repeat the therapy at a certain point? It's so interesting. I saw a new chiropractor last week and he was talking about the UVBI. I so pray this will yeild better health for you. I want you to be well. I want us all to be well.

I'm cyber sending you a steaming hot cuppa tea, a box of kleenex (love the artwork btw; it really conveys how you must be feeling), a hand to hold and much heartfelt love!!!

Always thinking of you. XOXOXOXOXO

Alter Everything

I think it's is too, Michelle. I am supposed to do it twice a week for four more weeks. Supposedly, I will feel better after the second week on. A friend of mine did it and ended up getting Shingles after his second treatment so really, in comparison to him, I'm lucky. It's interesting. Not a lot of info online with people talking about UVBI. I've heard through the grapevine, it's helpful, but not many actual accounts. I was advised to do it by Klinghardt's nurse. Said it would help with blood flow (I have thick blood) and viral loads. We'll see. Thinking of you. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes. XOXOXO

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