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Oh Kathy, reading this made my heart sink. I know how determined you are to kick Lyme's ass and I know you will do it! Love you and thinking about you!

Michelle Holderman

First of all, seeing a new doc is a big deal. I hope he can bring some new insight to the table that will really benefit you. I'm glad to hear that he was understanding.

Secondly, I also just read the post about your insurance company, which must be why you are going to a new doc. Or least a primary reason. I won't even go there :/

Thirdly, I'm SO sorry to hear about your virus levels. I empathize with you very much! I have battled the same thing for a long time myself. CMV and EBV were high again for me back in the summer and I felt absolutley awful. All those viral infections on top of Lyme... Well, there just really are no words.

Lastly, know that I'm thinking about you and caring very much. Love you, friend. (((Hugs)))

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