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Bless your heart! I hope this is a good symptom, albeit an unpleasant one to deal with. Love you girl!

Alter Everything

Me too, friend. Me too...XOXO


I guess they don't call it GU for nuttin' :)

I would try not to fret about it. Probably just a huge detox moment.


Alter Everything

LOL...Pam. I sure hope so. Hope you are well (or at minimum smiling). XOXOO


I shouldn't laugh, but I can sooooo imagine the scene... quietly sitting there, you reach forward for a pen or book, and as you sit back the expression on your face as you realize something wet, gooey, mildly warm but cool at the same time, and squishy has splooshed itself between your skin and your underwear (I'm assuming you weren't going commando and if you were, I really don't want to know!) That moment of Oh Crap! Then the moment of realizing that, yes indeed, it IS crap. Then the moment of relief: It's only crap.

Thank you for the laugh - I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you at the absurdity of all the ridiculousness of symptoms, cause and effect (and affect), and strangeness of pulling things literally outta your ass. I would have crawled into the Pit of Despair and said months and months ago: You Win. I give up. I am soooo grateful that isn't in you to do; that you continue to seek help, continue to look for things to brighten your days, your minutes, your hours. Your look at life forever will be a positive one, even in the midst of all of this crap. (& yes the pun was intended)

And if you do need Depends, just remember, they come in Large, Medium, and Small - they don't actually specify if that's the fit, or if that's what they're able to hold. luv ya kiddo!


This happened to me once during treatment. It was pretty traumatic, and that's the understatement of the year! This is our year of uncooperative poop! Love you!

Alter Everything

@ Kat...That was exactly the scene. Not sure it's funny...YET. Still have a few concerns about the contents and some other stuff (the trauma, however, has wore off). ;) I love you. Thanks for reading, cheering, and being there. XOXOXXO

@ Alyson....Man...we really are on a poop adventure. The good news is, when I figure out what works for me (or you for you), I think we'll really be on to something. My little Lyme twin. Hope your days are getting brighter and brighter and brighter. XOXOXOXOXOOX

Douglas Murphy


I can offer little advice, but lots of love! I know you are fighting hard with each new experience. Just please know that I love, respect, and support you with every step!

Uncle Doug


You are strong and apparently unMESSable with :)
I miss your laugh and hugs. I would like to see you soon.
Can I come by on a tuesday or thursday evening some time?
We can have tea together.

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