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Wow, So true these thoughts haunt those of us with illness....crazy similar to mine. Here's what mine looke like:

- I’m 41

-I’ve been sick for as long as I can remember
-I decided long ago never to get pregnant because I knew I had something just didn't know what and didn't want to have a kid go through what I went through.
-I've been recently told I have Lyme Disease

-I used to have good days and bad, yup
-Now, I mostly feel blah, yup

-I work very very little and the guilt guts me
-My body can be unreliable, yup but people think I make it up to not have to do anything meanwhile I want to do so much and can't
-I don’t know when I’ll be better, yup

-I can’t find love and have a family

-I’m a failure as a person
-I’ll never be healthy or wealthy
-I'll never have a place of my own
-I have to fix this

-Time’s running out
-I lost the last 10 years, I want my 30s back
-I'll never be happy


- I have a mighty heart
- I have a light inside me that's beautiful
- I experience joy, even if briefly
- I am successful because I breath

Interesting, I shift from having to experiencing, maybe that's the true essence of life.

Thanks for the re-focus, I suddently feel less crazy and not so alone in this.



As always, thank you for being so open and sharing your journey with us. Sending love and hugs...


Alter Everything

Thanks for sharing your journey, Nicole and Melissa. We definitely are not alone. Many lives. All impacted. Grab the joy while you can. XOXOXO


Wrote up my response to this in my blog. And then tried to copy it over but it didn't work.

Love you.

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