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Debbie Semarge

I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing.. LOVE YOU!

Cathy Tutty

Thank you for taking your life into your hands. It really is all we have, isn't it? We get to say ... when things are great, when things are sad, when we are powerful and when we are diseased. The circumstances are just that ~ circumstances. Who we are in the face of them is really all that matters.

I love you forever.


June Paley

HOW WONDERFUL TO FIND YOU LIKE THIS. WHAT A GREAT CIRCLE WE I am so sorry to hear that you have not been well. I thought you were at work having a family. I would love to speak to you. You are a ray of sunshine! No body is better than you and I love you!!!


Alter Everything

Ohhhh June Paley. Just the thought of speaking to you makes me weep. I am not sure even a word would come out. Just lots of Sniff. Sniff. Slurp. I will try to call you though...perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and reminding...WHO'S better than you????
So much love,



This makes me smile! I love you Kathy!


thanks i love this song - will buy it now asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alter Everything

I know...Isn't it great???


I just read Joan's blog per your suggestion. Really amazing.
You're right - it's a wonderful reminder for what's (still) possible even in illness.
I saw June last weekend at weekend #1 of Fall ILP in Dania.
She looks good :)
She smiled at me brightly and asked how my health is and how school is going.
She also said "Tell me when you go to China to train! I will come with you! Tell them I'm your mother and I didn't let you go to China without me!"
I thought you would appreciate that. <3

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