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Damn you and my hormones! I just put my makeup on and now I'm all teary eyed! I love you Kathy!

P.S. You're stuck with me. :p

Lynn Garcia

Thinking of you today, hoping for better days tomorrow, I've been there, done that, got the tee shirt. I know the pain, frustration, the anger, the hopelessness. Sometimes we don't realize how much this illness takes from us. Then it just hits us, like a freight train, wham. .... I want my old life back.... I have screamed , and I know you do too. I too have "lost" over a year of my life. Lost my job, my credit, my sanity, some close friends and some close family. When I am herxing,, it is scaring and I have reached out at my worst. i should just stay in bed, or hide in my walk in closet ( which I have done, crying in the dark). I planned my own funeral, cleaned out my belongings so my children wouldn't have the duty, crying for all the things that I will miss, or have missed because of this dreadful illness. But thru this nightmare I have had some great times, seen some light at the end of this dark tunnel. I have met the greatest people in my life because of this illness. Your tea party was one of the best gatherings of this year for me. It helped me realize, I am not alone, I am one but many great people who have been cursed with this evil monster,devil,Satan Lyme. When Satan Lyme gets me down, I think of it just like that Satan Lyme. Satan Lyme loves suffering, pain, conflict,physical and emotional pain, and heartache. I understand. I do. We are different, but yet the same. I understand, I am on your side. We are all on your side.<3

Melissa A.

I adore you, my friend! I just wanted to prove to you that you are loved by many. Sometimes we feel so alone with this disease. But you are not alone, my friend. You are surrounded by caring friends and although we sometimes get wrapped up in our own lives, it doesn't mean we love you any less or don't think of you often. Always remember that. <3


Gosh I love you hunny bunny.
(I spelled that wrong on purpose. Cute, aye?)

Will I see you at my bday dinner, lady?

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