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Melissa A.

I love you and wish I could take away all of your pain and heartache. Thank you for being an honest, open book on your battle with this terrible disease. You're an inspiration to me and so many others, my friend.


hi sweet kathy. not sure if you remember me...we emailed briefly after meeting on chronicbabe. i actually follow your blog pretty regularly. i LOVE your honesty. i relate. i often rant as well. it is a chore to try and focus on good things when we are stuck in a body that doesn't work the way it should. i feel like i grieve my body about once a month. (i mean REALLY grieve as though i've lost a loved one) we are angry when someone healthy says "smile! it will get better, focus on something else." those that are chronically ill can understand how utterly consuming sickness can be. we don't get reprieve. we don't get a vacation from pain. i respect you for sharing all of it. so no words of wisdom here, no unsolicted advice...just understanding and hope for a better tomorrow.


This seems obvious to me, Kathy. If someone hasn't been in your shoes, they just don't get it. I realize every time I read your blog that I am here to LEARN. As your friend, I desire to learn...and to understand. If I ever guilt you....feel free to kick me in the butt...because I AM NOT YOU AND I CAN'T GET WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR BODY. Unless you tell me. And I am willing to listen. Which I am. I love you. Write what you need to. I will continue listening. And learning.


BOOM. Daaang. Tell it like it is, Tagzy baby!
<3 you mucho mucho for what you IS and what you AIN'T.

Alter Everything

Thanks for commenting, everyone.

Christine, Of course, I know who you are. HOW ARE YOU???? Would love to visit your blog. What's the link?


hiya kathy. nice to be remembered. i am the same. good days and bad as you know. i don't have a blog...just a lame spreadsheet journal. :) i'm not as brave as you are! i have sort of hit the pause button on seeking treatments for my chronic pain. sometimes the treatments are worse than the ailment itself and i needed a break from forms, appointments, and lab work. so i'm here...enjoying the comforts of google and commiserating with good people like yourself! HUGS to you.

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