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Thank God I brought some fig newtons :)


BAHAHAAHAHAAAAA! Awesome Angel. I needed a good laugh. Thank you. And I am SO tired of Lyme too. Right there with ya. One day at a time, my friend. We will get through it! (Kathy, have a BALL! Can't wait to hear about your nice vacation. ENJOY!)


You know, Angel, you could do tome Lyme related crafts. Maybe sculpt some parasites or paint something 'Lyme green'.

I think if I were to be swept out to sea my actual last words would be, "Oh Shit!"


Thank you for taking care of our girl. Tell her we miss her and hope she is having fun on her trip.

What would I say if swept out to sea? Probably something like, "Oh !@#$%^!"


If swept out to sea, my last words would be "The sea always brought me peace, now I know why. For it is where I began and I end". For me, personally, I have always thought I was a Pirate, a Wench or a Mermaid, in a previous life....because near the sea is where I feel the best!


"I'm your huckleberry"...
Just kiddin'

I might have a last PARAGRAPH simply because I can't think of something short and sweet that would somehow encompass it all. I'm not that quick.
I used to think up "last word suicide notes" when I was in high school. Simply for my own amusement, I would think, "What would I write on a suicide note? Who would be at my funeral?"
Strangely, I might not have anything to say to anyone I'm leaving behind. It might just be a little love note to God. Like,

Hey, thanks for the life I've lived thus far. Especially for my unique perspective on connectedness - believing human beings all belong to each other... that was my favorite part. :)
(and take care of my ma for me!)


I would tell my daughter how much she has added to my life and how very much I love her. I would tell Saul that he has been my soulmate and I couldn't imagine living without having had his love. And I would die feeling lucky because I have great friends and wonderful family.

Sounds like you and Kathy have the same. You are a great guy, Angel.

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