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<3 U!


Ok, so I've been thinking about you A LOT lately, you seem to be on my mind when I'm in the shower, or drying my hair. I guess I do my best thinking there. Anyway, I've had a lot to say, but the words weren't there. Everytime I sat down to email you, my mind was blank. However, this very post is EXACTLY what I've been thinking about! Your doctor's advice is the same advice I wanted to give you. I love you Kathy, and Angel too! I think in your quest for health and answers you've become obsessed with everything Lyme and Lyme related.(I've been there too, only sub Lyme for something like PCO.) It's time to turn the focus onto you. Put the groups away and the books down and just hang out. It's time to take a vacation from Lyme (even if you can't completely get away, you can still take a small breaks during the day...just 5 minutes will be a world of difference). You and Angel deserve it. I want you to be healthy, but happiness is even more important. Be kind to your soul and it will be kind to your body. I love you girl! Sending all my positive thoughts your way.

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