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Debbie Semarge

I love you, Kathy....


I have no words to offer you except to say my heart grieves for you my friend. I was thinking earlier today (while I was looking at the worms and flukes in the toilet) "will I ever have just one normal day again in this life time?"

This disease is hard on marriages, I know. Sadly, I know too well. I'm praying for you. I'm praying for your husband. I'm praying for my wife and and for myself.

I pray for all of us who are going though this dark tunnel. Somewhere there's light at the end of this tunnel--there has to be. I pray we all come to see this light soon...

Your friend (and his worms), : )

Melissa A.

Oh Kathy, I know how difficult it must have been to write this. I feel terrible that you are suffering and wish I could just take it away so that you could be happy, feel loved and heal faster You are the strongest, most powerful woman I know and I know you will get through this. We will do it together because we will take each step together, fall and get back up together and win this &@$/ fight together. Whatever it takes, my friend. I'm here if you need ANYTHING. Please do not hesitate. Love you bunches! XO


Oh I can't tell you how many times my spouse and I go through the "two different worlds" thing. You can feel SO distant and alone, even if he is still loving and helping you along in your treatment and WANTING your treatment to be over. We usually hash it out over a week or so because I never have the energy to do it all in one sitting :) And it usually just comes down to two people who are haggard and weary and ready to be DONE....back to normal. But with "no end in sight" it just causes us to stand up, renew our strength and reliance on God and trudge forward. It gets better down the road. I'm praying for you and your husband! For renewed strength, encouragements, and little rays of hope :)

Alter Everything

I Love you, Gary. Have you ever seen the show Breaking Bad? It's about a guy who gets cancer and then becomes a drug lord to pay for treatment. Anyway, there's a scene where he's peeing in the toilet (shot from his perspective) and he's watching as the water fills with blood. It was perfect...always a reminder of something that "shouldn't be" there.

Like you, I often wonder if life will ever be normal again...and I weep for that.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and sweet prayers. I need them. I will also keep you (and R) in mine.

Much love to you friend.

Alter Everything

Thanks, Heather. It really helps to hear other people go through (and get through) this. I sometimes wonder if I say too much on my blog, but it is part of the picture so I don't want to ignore it.

You describe the experience perfectly...so distant and alone....

Fortunately, hubby and I were able to talk some about things last night after I wrote this...that helped some (it had been nearly 3 days). Like you, I was also too exhausted to get it completed...lol. Thanks for reading, taking time to respond, and offer your love and perspective. I really, truly, truly makes a difference.

With love for a peaceful future.


Kathy: Honesty is difficult. But you never know who you touch when you are sharing your pain. I thought about the days that Saul is just tired. Not wanting to reassure me. Just wanting to sleep. Thanks for giving me a clue. Love you.

I am glad that you and Angel talked.


Oh Kathy. I just cried reading this post. I really understand what you are saying and my husband and I have been here. Thank you so much for sharing this personal story of yours. xoxo, Brandi

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