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I love it! We played Skip-Bo in my one-flashing-yellow-light country town with the family-owned store and gas station...20 minutes from an actual city and an hour from the mall. You are right about the people! Good to the core. YAY for small town living! :)

Alter Everything

I knew there was a reason I loved you...lol.


C'mon down to good ol' WV! We can sit on the porch all night, drink Natty Light and wait for the 'coons to crawl out of the sewer drains, and darned if those things don't come RIGHT up on the porch and eat the cat food! Bring your BB gun! Them's some GOOD eatin'!

Alter Everything

LOL...Alyson. At my own house, we feed possums in our back yard. We wouldn't DREAM of eating Coons though...only squirrels...jkg. I can see we'll have lots of stories to share during our next Skypathon. Have a great, country night! XOXOX


Kathy, have you ever gone snipe hunting? Or better yet, taken someone to go snipe hunting?

Alter Everything

My Dad has. I had to ask about it. That sounds like a cruel sport. LOL


Sounds delightful, all warm & fuzzy!

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