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melissa H

Love you my online friend. Keep being your wonderful self and get rid of those mean spiteful people:) I will be your 3am friend anytime and would love to share in little successes such as what toxins you can get out in your poop:) You are one of the most kindest people I know!


I pick YOU :)

You're not getting rid of me that easily.


I'm glad you're taking care of YOU. You inspire me, and have since the first day I began following you 9 months ago. Love you, friend.


I love you, my friend. Love this post. So well written and such a great point! XO


Kathy: You are warm, loving, and genuine. You deserve warm and genuine and loving in return. So does everyone else posting on any forum designed to support people who have Lyme disease. You have so much of your life taken away by the disease, you need to have people in your life who are loving and supportive. Period. I am (as always) very proud of you. Love you!


Those shoes are amazing! Is that the friend test? Love me, love my shoes! Haha.


Ditto....what Pam said....lol.

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