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Ya know....we removed both tubs in the house I am in now 3 years ago when we remodeled....I didn't know it was so important to take Epsom Salt baths to detox...I will have a tub in my new villa....will have to buy Epsom Salts in bulk!!!

Alter Everything

Epsom salts by themselves are magic. They always help my leg cramps and creepy crawlies, but Epsom Salts with Peroxide and Ginger? Astounding!!! Also, don't scrimp of the amount suggested. I used to try to get by with the least amount possible. I'm cheap so I hate the thought of using a whole bottle of peroxide per bath, but MAN!!! Totally worth it. Must try, try, try.


Is it me, or does the Epsom Salt leave your bathtubs all grungy and sticky and hard to clean? After 2 Epsom salt baths, my tub looks like Pigpen took a bath in it. You'd think I hadn't cleaned it in 3 years.

Alter Everything

Grungy is good. Means it's getting the bad stuff out. LOL. And no, you are not the only one. You should see what my tub looks like right now. Between my uck, the epsom, the peroxide, and the nutmeg, it looks like a discarded cappucino cup. LOL.

melissa H

I go through some serious Epsom salts.and I also use the peroxide but I have not used the Ginger. Thanks for sharing. The dry brushing I do also. Its a full time job trying to get well:)

Alter Everything

TOTALLY...I spend hours a day detoxing. HOURS. Between that and meds, it's insane.

Let me know if you try the ginger. Would love anything to help make you feel a little better. XOXOXO


This is awesome! If you don't have a bathtub, like me, you can get some Magnesium oil and rub yourself down with it. Great for edema, and pain, and relaxes your muscles. It's a wonderful thing to keep in your purse, for those 'just in case' moments! So glad things are looking up, girl! Love you!

Alter Everything

Laina, You always have such good advice. Thank you!! Shower lovers unite. XOXO


Great post, I am surely gonna write down and save this, thanks for the tips. I hope it helps, defintely worth a try. =)


Kathy, I am so excited to try this! I have been feeling the need to detox and have an appointment for a foot detox but I am not sure how effective it will be. Have you done that one yet? Wish me luck:-)

Alter Everything

I haven't done the foot detox. I know you can buy those special pads and do those special soaks, but don't know much more than that. You'll have to keep me posted. Love and miss you!!! XOXOX

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