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I am so sorry you have experienced this. This happened to me with Diflucan and Bactrim DS. I believe it was medication toxicity, and went away when I stopped both meds. Very very scary.

Alter Everything

I know Pam. I thought of you right away and wondered if this is how it looked for you. Adreanna seems to think it's B 12 related caused by parasites. Since I've been having other vision issues, I'm not so sure. Think it's time to stop?


Seriously, Kathy...let me know if you need me to help the next time you go to the doc. I am available. Love you.


I wrote this on FB and wanted to repeat it here. Very concerned about you.

So sorry for the frightening experience you had. How are you doing today? Are your eyes better? Did you stop Ivermectin for now? I never heard of the lack of B-12 causing this--interesting. Definitely sounds toxin related, especially since it happened while you were getting a colonic. Was that your first one? You might be a bit sore and feel like you have the flu and become very tired from the colonic. It's normal to feel that way after your first one or two. I sure hope you are doing better today. Let us know how you're doing when you are feeling up to it.


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