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I can so relate!
I was 14 when I had my first love too.
It's weird. I remember I hated when adults said, "you aren't in love - you don't even know what love is!"
I swore I would never grow up to be so naive and cynical.
However, I've gotten older and I can see their point.
But it's still not true a 14 year old can't fall in love.
A 14 year old knows what it is to be in love FOR A 14 YEAR OLD.
I'll never forget how my first relationship ended. I told the guy he treated his shit better. Lol. It wasn't even true, I just felt like guilt tripping him for some reason. His dad had recently divorced his mom and always gave him advice about how women were not to be trusted. That they would manipulate and guilt you forever. So our odds weren't very good to begin with.
It's amazing. I think I'll remember that for as long as I live.

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