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Can't say I've even had to pick out an enema either, but I know the Fleets in the green package is the one most often used in the hospital I worked in. Occasionally the orange package (I think that's the mineral oil). Hope the aloe was kind to your rear! Hope today's better one for ya, and that your eyes become uncrossed. Love ya!

Alter Everything

LOL Laina. Your comment totally cracked me up. If a year ago you told me I'd be talking about my "rear" on the internet, I would have never believed you. Totally funny....funny, funny, funny. Love you.


What a way to wake up! You are doing the best possible taking care of yourself. I hope it gets better.


Woww what a wake up.... The Ivermectin has never gave me a reaction like that, I take small doses once a week an now I am even taking it combined with Praziquantel; maybe your dosing has to be lower so your body can be able to detox while killing the bugs? Maybe the filarial parasites are running all over the place causing the blurry vision? Some of us have had bugs coming out of our eyes... scary indeed, so your vision is fine again after the detoxing? I hope so... Lyme is surprising indeed!

Alter Everything

Love you, Judy.

@ Maria. Vision not fine, but WAY better after detoxing. Was told to do colonics once a week and enemas daily...weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Interesting though..since starting, the floaters in my eyes have changed shape. Used to be circles all bunched together. Now look like strings. FASCINATING.

I feel like a walking petri dish.


Amazing woman!
I have never bought/had an enema.
I did, however, get colonics done when I lived in Tallahassee. 3 of them.
I hope you are feeling better. And gosh darn it NO MENTAL FLOGGING - you're doing GREAT.
I love you, pretty.

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