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You are so lucky to have that man! I love Hans to pieces, but some days I sure wish he had 1/2 the quirk Angel does!


Ahahahahaha! Love it. He is pretty ridiculous!


I almost thought that WAS Johnny Depp! :-D Funny card, BTW!

Alter Everything

1/2 the Quirk...I'm stealing that, Laina.

Lol Kat. He was his body double a few years back for the Pirate movies. It was a total fluke, but he loved it.

You would know, Robyn. Was thinking of you when I posted that picture.
I can remember us walking around the park with Shea talking about him being gone in the Bahama's and me crying over work, missing him, etc. It's been a long time. Think I will have to celebrate OUR anniversary soon. Miss you! LOL

Michelle Holderman

Lol x 3. I love the letter and like your Angel very much! Man, he looks so much like Johnny Depp. That says something if you're still laughing after 8 years. You both are wonderful people. Trust me; I know these kinds of things :D Love to you and Angel.

Christine Cartlidge Marvin

We read that card several times that day. He cracks us up! And Natalie DOES like the colorful room key. LOL Go figure! It was so great to see you both for a bit at her party. Thinking of you guys!

Alter Everything

LOL...Glad she liked it. :) So funny with kids. Spend $1,000 on toys, they'd rather play with a pot.

Great to say you guys for a bit too. Thanks for having us. XOXOXO

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