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Melissa A.

You've gone bonkers! I would expect this kind of looney toon behavior out of me, but not Kathy, the Food Nazi. :) Hey, we all have our moments. So, the Bugs had the lead this week. You can overtake them. I believe in you, my friend.

Alter Everything

I know!!! When I was telling my Acupuncturist, her eyes were as big as saucers. "I know," I said. "GU!!!"

I'm going to have chain myself to the couch. Even at Whole Foods, I'm dangerous. The worst part is...I didn't even enjoy it. Aaaargh!!!!


Tell me about it.
I will take a week long hiatus from sweets and then I look over and see our roommate has bought us...
Isn't that horrific? It's not even a nice vegan oatmeal raisin cookie from whole foods or lisa's balls that necessarily pull me in to the trap. It can just be plain shitty old oreos that are probably going to give me an ulcer.
Damn it.
Sugar is the devil.

Alter Everything

Definitely the devil. I would kill for a Double Stuffed Oreo.

Melissa A.

Huh? What? Did somebody say Double Stuffed Oreo???

Alter Everything

LOL...If someone says French Bread, I'm outta here. ;)

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