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I have been reading your posts lately. I know what you mean by the heavy arms. Sometimes my whole body feels so heavy. Hope it lifts soon and you feel light as a feather....and so does your cat!

Alter Everything

Thanks, Renee. Right back at you. :) Hope you are well.


All I can say is....I love you. And I hope and pray for better days for you.

cheryl sell

hey kathy---i just read your post here about the ivermectin you got from your dr.----a 1/4 of the prescribed dose---so i take it i'm not the only one who got scared by that stuff. Hope you can hang in there and just let it pass---i will pray for u.

Alter Everything

Thanks, Judy.

Yes, Cheryl. The dosing definitely freaks me out. I am starting slow and working up. From what I've read, the drug's not the problem (per se), but the die off can kill you...especially if one's lodged in your heart or brain. VERY scary. I've had friends emailing and calling asking me not to do it. So hard to know who to listen to. Hope you are doing well today. XOXOXO

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