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I'm going to make myself a green smoothie RIGHT NOW! I need a little help. This past week has been terrible! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, my friend. Love you!

Alter Everything

Love you, friend. Hope it helps. XOXOX


Nope, not gonna say it, won't say what I said months ago, Nope! :) XO's

Alter Everything

LOL Vicki. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was right. Everything you have ever told me has helped in some way. Maybe I sure start paying you for advice? I definitely would buy your tinctures. Start cooking, would ya??

Love you!

LifeBalance Wellness

She's right, about the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. Omega 3 is the least abundant in our modern diet. Omega 6 slightly more and omega 9's are abundant. Omega 9's cause inflammation, omega 6 cause some inflammation and help omega 3 reduce inflammation (weird, I know). But without enough omega 3's the 6's aren't beneficial.
Omega 3 - reduce inflammation
Omega 6 - cause some inflammation but with 3's reduce it
Omega 9 - cause inflammation

Eat your 3's: walnuts, fatty cold water fish, omega 3 fish oil, brussels sprouts (the list goes on, you can google for more).
Love you


FYI ...I love the way you word things =) I hear the juicing vs smoothie debate often.. from what I am learning it seems they both have awesome benefits (haven't done the green smoothie yet)! Thanks for all the tips you share, very helpful and a pleasure to read.

Alter Everything

That's awesome, Deb. So glad it's helping. Let me know what drinks you make. Yum. Yum. Yum.

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