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Boy we just get it from everywhere, don't we? If the stinkin' bugs don't kill us, stress from the cost of all this will. I'm so sorry. I hope you are able to figure something out real quick so you can get what you need. If I win the Lotto, you're good to go.


ah, another topic near and dear to my heart...the insurance formulary scam.

How did it go with the patient assistance programs?

Do you know if your health insurance has a max out of pocket on prescriptions?

I wonder if a compounding pharmacy would be of any help? I can talk to some of the pharmacists at work and see if they have any thoughts on that. (i.e. say it was for 'veterinary' purposes, but the drug is the same...would the cost be as high?)

Debbie Semarge

So sorry:( Love you!!XOXO

Phyllis Jackman-Stefanakos

I HAVE to ask this....are you saying you use the ivermectin for the Lyme Disease? Quick history...my daughter has LD and we are just beginning this craziness...I can get ivermectin for less than $50 over the counter....we need to talk...I can also get doxycycline very cheaply - I really have to know this...
Thank you!


UGH, so sorry Kathy! I wish I'd called you back today! Any closer to a decision? Let's chat tomorrow. We'll figure this out!

Alter Everything

Hi Phyllis...

Thanks for emailing. No. Ivermectin is not for the treatment of Lyme Disease. It is for the treatment of parasites...something I have struggled with ever since I've been bitten.

Most people who have lyme have several other complicating factors or co-infections including viruses, biotoxins for mold, heavy metal toxicity,electromagnetic field sensitivity, parasites, or other tick borne infections (I have them all).

For obvious reasons, I can't make recommendations on how to treat, but I will say be very careful with self-medicating or using any products over the counter. Treating can be dangerous and have deadly side effects. I have four doctors and a nurse I am consulting with right now and I wouldn't dream of making a move without them (even the zany ones).

If you are not already in one, I will be happy to add you to an online Lyme Support Group. Do you need that? If so, you can reach me via the email address on my contact page. Let me know how I can help.

Love to you and your daughter.


Alter Everything

Thanks Sarah...I think I figured out a solution that works for me. Just not posting because I don't want to influence the decisions of others.

The whole situation is just so crazy. The dosing I am already being prescribed is outrageous. The other factors just make it even more scary...

As Pam said, if the bugs or treatment don't kill us, the stress surely will. Thanks for writing and not lurking...lol. ;) Will email you privately.

PS Love you Pam, Debbie, and Melissa.


Incredible! I am without insurance. I know how hard it is to pay for prescriptions that are super expensive. But you HAVE insurance. The health care system is broken in this country. I certainly hope the patient assistance programs help.


sorry i know meds can get up there - i pd for 7 months of IV treatment and no nurse it was me and husband- had to take out money on house, refinanced. sometimes you do what you have to. i'm sorry to hear about it as if stress is something you need too. i got my meds from fl. i trusted it. canada might be an option? hang in there.


Yikes! I hate that this is what's happening in your life right now. I'm praying you can a find a solution that works for your health and your wallet!

Alter Everything

Sorry you had to refinance, Victoria. That's horrible, but...as you said, you do what you have to do. I'm in Florida, but thinking Canada might be a better option for drugs options. Hope you are doing well today and thanks for posting.

@Robyn...love you honey. Thanks for always taking time to check in. It makes a difference. Love to you and the family. XOXO

Alter Everything

Totally, Judy. We'll figure something out. Always do. Love, love, love, love, love you.


Drives me freaking batty. I am so frustrated too and I want to do more about it than sit here and shake my head, agree with Judy, feel helpless.
I love you and I believe "kissing it up to God" always works.

cheryl sell

Hi again all!!---I wanted to ask the lady named Victoria---you said you got your meds from florida, and not canada----i also was thinking about ordering meds from canada---but the safety factor for me really is a factor. To quote a scene from one of my favorite movies----"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"!!!!

Alter Everything


If you order from Canada, please let me know. Would love to hear how that works for you. I have a couple of Canadian pharmacies recommended to me: www.AmeriCanaMeds.com and one other one I can't find the name of. Makes me leary...

Thanks for reading and writing....



whys is it that one's pet meds are cheaper then their own....

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