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Geez Kath, that is scary stuff! I pray it is just a pasting phase too, just another symptom in the sea of many symptoms. Hopefully in a couple of days, it will be behind you without any other medication needed. Let me know if you need anything, OK? Love you!


I do get the twitching when I lay down to sleep. It's quite annoying. As far as I know, I've not had it happen when I'm asleep. I'm pretty sure my hubby would tell me!

My jerks and convulsions are much, much better since I did Babesia treatment, and there was one medicine in particular that brought out the convulsions like nobody's business. I'm wondering if yours could be a co-infection, too. I can't remember if you have Babs or not.

Debbie Semarge

Oh Kathy, I am so very sorry. I just hate this for you! Love you baby sister!! XOXO


Clonazepam is your standard, run of the mill benzo. Works well. Might not be a terrible thing to try for a good night's rest, but be weary of possible addiction. Love ya girl. I hope you will sleep well soon. Thinking about ya as always.

Alter Everything

Thanks, guys. I have a doctor's appointment this week so I hope he has some more thoughts on this.

Alyson, that's interesting about Babs. My ART test said I have it and it was my number one problem right now (even though blood work didn't detect...lol). I know they sometimes give Mepron for it (ie: yellow paint). Is that the medicine you are speaking of??? My neuro stuff is through the roof right now...could be because of die off in the brain or something else, but very, very scary.

I Love you guys so much. Thanks for reading and listening.


Pain meds, magnesium taurate and GABA. Gotta knock down the nerve impulses (CNS involvement). I also take isocort for adrenals and think it helps. Not 100 % sure but not stopping to find out.

Alter Everything

Thanks, Caryn. XOXOOX Let me know if it does.

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