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But you have gorgeous teeth :)

This is so neat. My tongue burns to high heaven, but looks normal. Sometimes it burns so bad I want to cut it off. I do have indentations on the sides of my tongue from my teeth and sometimes my tongue feels fat. But so far, no white.

I've been taking an antiparasite remedy for a while, and I wonder if that's what is causing my pm fevers. On days I forget to take it, I don't get a fever.


Congratulations on the worms! You would make one helluva detective! Hope you're doing well!

Alter Everything

Thanks, Pam. Sorry to hear about your burning. I've never had that experience. Swishing with coconut oil DEFINITELY helps. Has calmed things down a lot for me. Also, thanks for the compliment on the teeth. When I looked at the picture, my first thought after gross was "Well, at least your teeth look nice...lol." Hope you are doing ok. Thinking of you.

PS Laina, I love you. Thanks for always knowing just what to say. You always make me smile. XOXOX


Great post! Sharing the yuck is important. Love you!

Debbie Semarge

I have to say that your 3 little friends clean up well;) Love ya bunches!


Team L...you're going DOOOOOWWWWNN!!! Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But, mark my words...Kathy is going to kick your a$$ from here to healthy. (Love you friend.) ;)

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