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I love you, my little food Nazi! You keep me on track! Should be interesting finding something 'safe' at dinner tonight. Can't wait to see you!

Alter Everything

Was writing up some suggestions for people I love and figured I'd might as well post it. LOL.


I would say that kind of eating plan would benefit ANYONE...even those with no obvious health issues. Inflammation will become a problem for any helathy person who is not eating a healthy diet! Thanks for all the info, Kathy.

BTW I am so impressed you are eating veggies for breakfast. ;) I admire your commitment to eating in a way that improves your health and comfort. Not everyone will do it, even when they KNOW it's what will help them!

Alter Everything

Totally, Robyn. There is SO MUCH documentation that inflammation is the cause of illness. Considering how much I used to drink sweet tea and eat bread, I'm surprised I didn't die 10 years ago...lol. Couple that with a virus or a tick-bite and a girl doesn't stand a chance.


These suggestions sound delicious!!!
I will have to try some :)
Especially the bacon. My friend Don thinks bacon is the "gateway meat" to other meats for vegans and vegetarians (because it smells so dang good while cookin')

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