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I'm confused! Did you just start Rocephin again today, or is this an old picture?


That ART testing is looking better and better! I was thinking though that if I had the kids tested, I wouldn't have anything to send them to 'test' against...like meds. I could send their vitamins, I guess. Thoughts?

Alter Everything

Alyson, I usually do Rocephin twice a week. This was my first time back after my last reaction and this is what happened (The last reaction happened after I left. These two incidents happened in plain view...indicating a heightened response each time they reactivated the drip). Needless to say, no more Rocephin.

Mel, you don't need to have the kids on anything. She will make recommendations based on the results.


Good decision to d/c the Rocephin. Your body is telling you something. Do you know whether they have something to replace it with?


Thanks Kath!

Alter Everything

I agree, Judy. Right now they are just going to keep me on my oral medication, but if I go back on IV's, Vancomycin or Invanz could be an option. We'll see...

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