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INTERESTING! And during a Rocephin treatment. Hmmmm...that ART testing may be on to something. You know I have to say it...I'm sorry about your weird rash. ;) I hope it doesn't hurt anymore!

Alter Everything

I know. I thought the same thing. However, the white circles give me pause. They look like wasp stings or SOMETHING. Makes me think it's a healing reaction. It will be interesting to hear if anybody else can relate. I remember somebody posting photos of rash reactions a while back online. Also recall people getting bullseye rashes after treatment. Maybe this is my version??? Send a photo to the doc...just in case.


Do the white circles itch? Are the raised? I had something similar when I first started having allergice reactions to the NSAIDs I was taking. I was told they were "internal hives". Could that be it?

Alter Everything

Hmmm...no itching or burning, just discoloration (only burned for a few minutes when the IV was in, but didn't feel it later). Internal hives...that's interesting. If it's an allergy though, wouldn't I have more marking at insertion?? It seems like I would get it all over my arm.

Curious, from a nursing perspective, can veins possibility have little holes in that area maybe causing slight seepage?

PS Nothing's raised. Everything flat, flat, flat.


Seepage is definitely possible, especially on a person with chronic illness and someone who has a lot of infusions. That's just really strange. Hope it's nothing and goes away quickly!


Hmmm...interesting concept about the vein having holes and it seeping out. That would make me worry about your veins though, Kath. Let me know what Dr. K says!

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