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I just did a 30 day photo challenge. That was fun! I'll have to think about this one, but I might be game.

Alter Everything

I said the same thing. Then I said I would do 30. Then I said "Why not?"


Ok, so while shaving my legs (of all things) this morning, I was thinking about you and your blog. I was wondering what you were planning to do after your 365 days are up. I mean, you're getting awfully close to that one year mark, and now you go and post this. Awesome! Love you girl! I have been contemplating doing a 365 day challenge. I think I might, just need a little push. (Some things never change.)


Your desire for expression has trumped my fear for the day. Good job!


Alter Everything

LOL...Nicole. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Hope you are having a 'good' day.

Good question, Laina. Hopefully by day 365, I will be up and out and doing the cha cha. Then I can post about FUN alterations...like sky diving and cross country adventures and Latern Festivals in Taiwan. There's a whole world out there. Can't wait til I am able to get out an enjoy it.


Can't wait to follow along on your photo journey!

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