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I'm lighting a lantern for you this year Kat, filled with hugs and the hope that you kick Lyme's ass.

Debbie Semarge

Love this!


Beautiful video! And beautiful post, as always! Don't forget to listen to what the child Kathy would say to the grownup Kathy today. :)

PS, I agree with Kathryn that you are going to kick Lyme's ass!


Awesome post!! You always have such an amazing way with words.


Just found your blog through Alyson's. Really great post. You DO have a way with words and analogies, etc. Hope you are having a good day in the world of Lyme.


Well said, Kathy, well said! Love ya!


beautiful video of the lanterns - thanks for sharing!
My family came and watched fireworks over the new fountain at Lake Eola. It was pretty :)
Hope you're feeling better.

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