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I wish we lived closer together! I would like to try one of these! Mmmm....chocolate.

Alter Everything

Me too! I would love to make some for you. They're really good. Hopefully one of us will win the lottery soon and you, Melissa, and I a few other people I love can get together and have our own day of deliciousness.


I would love a day of deliciousness with you two! I miss chocolate so much! Thanks for the recipe Kathy. :)

Angel Tagudin

I have to say, until this recipe, there hasn't been a chocolate substitute that could even remotely pass as the real deal... But this almond joy substitute is really good. I have a choice between these and the ACTUAL semi-sweet morsels we have high up in the forbidden part of our pantry, and I actually prefer the sugar free gluten free version.

I recommend freezing these if you want to match the mouthfeel of chocolate. Room temperature, these things go soft quickly.


That looks so good! I just need to find some stevia and karob powder around here. Still searching.


Those were EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing the recipe! After the party I tried the recipe for the black bean fudge. Using 4 TB agave, very scant scooplet of stevia, and about a tsp of peppermind extract those little babies were wonderful! Can you say Girl Scout Thin Mint?? Yum!

I found the recipe on one of the links for the Mad Hatter Tea Party - but can't find it now.... could you repost, please?

Alter Everything

I have the feeling it was probably this one... http://christensenka.squarespace.com/imported-20100106014405/2009/12/21/gluten-free-holiday-recipes-dairy-free-black-bean-fudge-glut.html. Let me know if I'm wrong. Now you are making me want to revisit. I didn't love the BB Fudge when I made it, but maybe the peppermint makes a difference???

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