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I'm still suggesting you look into Eat/Live/Cook Right for Your Type books. It will at least help with the thick blood. Thinking about you today. :)

Michelle Holderman

Really interesting.

shelly schrolucke

I've heard a lot of people talking about eating for your blood type its on my to do list to check out also. Kathy this is great news about ART I was trying to get up to RI to have this done in person would you mind sending me the info so I can try this swab test instead. I'm desperate with so many things wrong and knowing once I get my gastic problems fixed I can not go back on the aggresive 130 pills a day treatment, I'd rather tackle it a few things at a time and knowing from ART which to tackle 1st, this is my top priority after getting my port this coming week. Thanks for sharing

Tiffany Sheets

I so wish I could afford to have this done! Amazing!

Alter Everything

Thanks, Laina. I actually have looked at it. It's been a while though. So, I'll look again.

Michelle, Shelly, Tiffany, thanks for reading. If you want any more info, let me know.


sounds waaaay to interesting to ignore...thanks for sharing your ART/DNA story...i'm on it. <3

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