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You are beautiful...sick or not...and I love you! I'm glad you are giving yourself grace. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow, friend.


You're nuts. You know other people find you to be a hottie, right?
Well, I do.
You SHOULD too -- hah! =P

Michelle Holderman

I love your honesty and transparency, Kathy. I totally get it. And I love that you are giving yourself the gift of acceptance. Not easy I know. But this is a lesson for many of us. Thank you for blogging about what's on your heart. And I think you're beautiful too!

As a friend of mine often says to me - Be gentle with yourself.

Michelle Holderman

Oh and nice video clip. Made me feel better :) I love Burt and Ernie! Who doesn't love Sesame Street?

Alter Everything

You guys are so great. Thanks for reading.
It's a better day today...clouds are lifting, chin's looking less exaggerated, Juliana's feeling a little better, just had a sauna...onward and upward.

PS Thanks for watching the video, Michelle. I could so relate to Ernie in that song, I just had to post it.


Kathy, I agree with Saima. You're a hottie! You're beautiful even without makeup. (Maybe with the exception of Day 82, you were worn out, and in so much pain. You were grieving. I look like that daily, or to me, I do.) I love ya girl! Keep your chin up.

P.S. This is for you.



WHAT???? You are a crazy woman!!!! And, just for the record I have a double chin in the pic you "liked" so much....lol.

Debbie Semarge

You are beautiful, inside and out.. Love you bunches, my dear sister!!


I just realized I told you to keep your chin up. I certainly wasn't referring your your 'double chin'.


This is absolutely for when you are not sensitive to computers, noise and light. I am posting this because I want to remind you that "you are who you are". And who you are....IS a hottie. (You are right, Saima).

As someone who IS obese...I can tell you that self-acceptance is important to survival. Be gentle with Kathy. Lyme Disease is not.


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