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YAY for pain relief! Sign me up for that! LOL. Glad your knee is feeling better.

carol gravante

hi, where do you get this stuff? sounds great. does it fight lyme? how does it work? hope you get well.

Alter Everything

Not for Lyme, per se, but for the inflammation that it causes (joint pain, etc)....click on underlined/hyperlinked words for more information. Can purchase on line via Amazon or at many herb retailers. Google Lymphomyosot for more information.


I absolutely have to agree. I have head major lymphatic issues over 7 years and tried pretty much anything. My lymph nodes would be swollen for great period of times and then give me a break and start again. I have had an awful reaction to an MMR Shot. Hence I got all my neck lymph nodes so big and painful I thought they will never go back to normal. Someone mentioned Limphomyosot and I gave it a try within 3 days almost all swelling has gone away. I was absolutely impressed . In the past i tried antibiotics and other products and never got this result. I understand that long term usage has great effects on the body in general Elimination of toxins proper drainage of the Lymphatic system and couple of benefits. What I like about the product is that you see immediate results. I have to be so thankful for this I wish people will give it a try it is not harmful that you can not give a try and see the effects yourself.

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