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LMBO!!!!! You crack me up.

The sad thing is, every bit of it is exactly how it feels.

I would add driving railroad spikes into your heels, a bull shark chewing on your shoulder, and hundreds of sandspurs embedded along the spine.


ROFL! This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing Kath. I'm reposting this one for sure! Thanks for cheering me up!


This is awesome Kathy! Thank you for making me laugh today! I'm reposting this one for sure!


Love it! :)

Alter Everything

Bull Shark on your shoulder????? That's a good one. Just added Plantar Fasciitis and Stiff Neck (luckily they both reminded me they didn't want to be left out...lol).


LMAO!! I love you Kathy, that is just too awesome! I could make my own suit for my ailments, but it wouldn't be half as cool as yours.


Kathy...I just...love you. Thanks for this.

Alter Everything

You're welcome, Jaisibels. I hope it represents you (although I'm sorry if it does). Thanks for reading.:)


Laina...you should totally write yours (unless it wears you out, then don't bother). Love you!!!


This is so clever! I thought Lyme was bad, but, wow...not this bad! Thanks for sharing!


Lol I like the pterodactyl next to your forehead.
I have to pull paint up one of these days and post my own version of a seizure-suit.
I'm not sure I'd have as much going on.
I don't know how to draw a picture of a disoriented girl with muscle cramps and lethargy who's looking at her loved ones like she's never seen them before.
But I'll give it a shot.

Beth Schwartz

You are so funny! I have been reading your blog for the past couple of days (from the beginning) and I must say that you sound like someone I would totally be friends with in real life. I can relate to so much of your story.

Thanks for making me laugh!!

Alter Everything

Thanks for reading, Beth. Glad it made you smile. PS We can be friends in real life or fake one. LOL. I'm always in the market for good friends. Feel free to yell anytime. Love to you while you are healing.


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