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LMAO! That is hilarious! I love it! I might even have to steal it, as well

Barbie Brady

This is hilarious! Surely by the time...I finish this comment I'll make you laugh :)
- Zabba (this is one of those inside jokes that comes from a complicated evolution of saying "I love you" with just one word - My husband and I put "zabba" in icing repeatedly around our wedding cake)
- izfwah means what's up?
- put a little bug in your ear - something I picked up in North Carolina meaning to remind you of something
- #teluwut - something I picked up from my assistant who is hilarious. Yes..you kind of have to say the "hash tag" part as well.
- riddle me this batman - as a prelude to a question
- you shut up when your talking to me - when someone says something shocking, from Wedding Crashers
- Facaccia (when things are messed up - i say this instead of what I should say which is Fakackta the Yiddish saying and I think its funny as hell to call something that is messed up essentially "cheesy bread")
- mah - when I'm in agreement
- child please - borrowed from Chad "ochocinco" Johnson as a nice way of basically saying "fuck you"
- massage the numbers - something I picked up from an old boss meaning to reconfigure the budget
- a winks as good as a nod to a blind bat - from Monty Python
- daaaammmmnnn gina - when something is shocking from my friend Shawna (i'm still not entirely sure who gina is)
- 6 of one - this is something I picked up from my husband who often says it. The rest of the saying goes ...half a dozen of the other. but we never say the rest. There are also variations on this that are infinite...like 64 of one, 753 of the other (or any numbers you'd like to add)
- let's make like trees... - also from my husband. The full saying is "let's make like trees and leave" but he usually follows it up with "...and get the fuck out of here" instead.

and on that note...

I hope you enjoyed that little journey through my lexicon. I love the way personal language evolves.


Ohhh Kat! You KNOW I've got a few of these...

- We're off to see the Gizzard, the wonderful Gizzard of Lizard (I'm sure you can figure out that one)
- Knock-Knee (which was William's way of pronouncing 'Naechtle' the German equivalent of night-night)
- Snorry (usually said while half asleep to mean I'm sorry for snoring last night)

Then of course are the family pokes at my mom who, even after nearly 50 years of living in the US STILL can't pronounce certain words correctly: Zink = sink; Chee-ca-GO = Chicago; O-Hee-o = Ohio.

But the best of them all is actually a visual of my mom typing. She's old school - types with two fingers. Unfortunately, she types with her middle fingers and when she pauses (either trying to remember the English word, or the proper grammar- which she still stumbles over) she pauses by raising both hands, middle fingers saluting the world. Make me laugh ever time I watch her do it, 'cause I know she's utterly clueless about what she's doing. I love it!

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