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Lynn Garcia

Where is Lindsay? She was a good iv nurse

Alter Everything

She's the BEST IV nurse, but they are trying to train someone else because she is going down to two days a week. It's a NIGHTMARE!!!!


I am so happy you are feeling better! You deserve it so much after the Hell you've been through these past 10 months. You give me hope! Thanks for paving the way, my friend. Good luck tomorrow! Love you scrappy! :)

Alter Everything

Hope. Hope. And more hope. It's fun to feel nice for a bit. We went to Texas De Brazil tonight, I got my hair done today, and I've had several long days in a row. It's AMAZING!!! Hope it lasts!!! :)


HAH holy camole! Wait, what's a "camole"?
Thrilled to hear you are singing in the shower.
JEALOUS Lisa's now heard you sing and I haven't.
The IV nurse sounds like a space cadet - I hope she figures it out - tricky veins or not!

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