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This post made me smile and huge smile! Not only because you're feeling better, but because my heart was touched by the story about the man. I'm a big sucker for kindness and compassion. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kathy!


Sounds like you are feeling better, Kathy...so happy to know that! I love wavers, too. My sweet little Carter says "hi" to everyone and has since he was one. I really try to encourage his friendliness, even when people are too busy/rude/ignorant to return the greeting of a 3-year-old. Sometimes it makes me sad, but it never seems to dampen his spirits!



Alter Everything


Alter Everything

One day I am going to gather all of my favorite people so we can all go out walking and have a wave parade. Robyn, Carter can lead the front and Laina, you can round out the back with the old man. Melissa and I will run back and forth between the front and the back doing cartwheels and back handsprings. Can't wait to do this SOON!

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